Monday, December 19, 2011

Fresh Paint

So during the publishing of our second issue, we were lucky enough to hook up with James from Oink Art Ltd. We took an interest in their new line of paint, called simply enough "Fresh Paint". We got ourselves a nice big shipment sent to the Anonymous offices (aka the house I live in, but I gotta keep it sounding professional) on the cheap, I mean REAL cheap. I'm talking they are selling this stuff for $3 a can and on top of that they have somehow figured out how to charge you ONLY $10 flat fee for shipping on aerosol orders. I still don't know how they did that shit, it costs me like $3 every time I want to send one of these magazines out.

Anyways, this paint is legit. It goes on well, has good coverage, its pretty much re-branded Ironlak from what I've heard from a lot of people using it. So it has all the upsides of a low pressure artistic based paint. It does (at the moment) only come in 12 colors, but its a great way to supplement the more expensive brands that have a huge color spectrum. The first run of the Fresh Paint was so popular it has totally sold out already, after only a couple months on the market. Don't worry though, the guys over at Oink Art are restocking, plus they are upping the number of color Fresh Paint will come in to 30, so you will have even more of a color selection for a bargain price. Go check them out.

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